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Interdisciplinary artist, musician

Select Works

Gestures of Incompleteness (2019)

Official Press Release

A public art project completed during a twelve-week individual residency at Boston Center for the Arts (BCA), Gestures of Incompleteness was a series of basketball exchanges hosted at different times and places around Boston, at which I gave kids and teens brand new basketballs in exchange for their old and used ones. The old basketballs, with all of their unique characteristics and object histories, were then upcycled into two large-scale public scultures, and displayed on BCA’s public plaza in Boston’s South End neighborhood between August 8th and November 10th.  

This project was conceived as a way to directly engage community through art, while providing something of immediate, tangible benefit, and ensuring that a work of public art involves––rather than imposes itseulf upon––the public. The use of basketballs and milk crates addresses contemporary racial and socioeconomic concerns of accessibility and mobility, while the sculptural forms themselves dialogue with the canon of minimalism, asking us to reconsider its proclivity towards gatekeeping, and wonder what it might look like if this language were spoken by new voices

“’Gestures of Incompleteness,’ apes Minimalism, the 1960s movement to reduce art to pure form. Where they emptied meaning out, Dendy loads it in [to write] a different story, of local people and community life.”
–– Murray Whyte, Chief Art Critic, Boston Globe

“Fantastic – smart and ready-made, but now . . . Brilliant.”
––– Liz Deschenes, artist

Camp Blood EP (2019)


Debut EP from Boston-based band Camp Blood, a collaborative effort between Haasan Barclay and Shaka Dendy. All songs written and produced by Haasan Barclay & Shaka Dendy.

1. Aerosol
2. IDK
3. Hogweed
4. 1144 (Sundown)

“Camp Blood heralds a new interpretation of hip-hop by critiquing the commercialization of the genre and fusing an aggressive and energetic sound . . . while adhering to a cohesive theme of fighting back against [...] capitalism and racism.”
–– WBUR The ARTery

“. . . the industrial hip-hop voice of the future.”
–– Vanyaland

Pick-in’ Cotton (2019)

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